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By Tony Spollen

Originally written for his grown-up young children, Tony Spollen now stocks his 50 nice classes FROM lifestyles with a much wider audience.Simple, heartfelt, born of experience—these classes ring actual for everybody in any stroll of life.Some you recognize already; others might be new—or will shock you with a brand new twist on whatever you took with no consideration. a few are aspirational, a few are fanciful, a few are simple and quite often, they're one measurement matches all—but, principally, they're undying recommendation, universally applicable.Be profitable. Be fit. be at liberty. learn. get pleasure from.

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The key to controlling weight is a good breakfast. It is like putting petrol in a car before the start of the journey. Start the day well; have a light lunch and something small in the evening. While exercise is good for your health, it takes a lot to burn even 100 calories. Eliminate alcohol, cakes, sweets and biscuits. Eat only small amounts of bread, potatoes and pasta. Eat fruit and vegetables. Drink water. Walk for at least 30 minutes each day. Only eat when hungry. 45 Self-image and self-belief are important You are breathing in a slow and shallow way through your nose and you are making each moment the best.

They decided to rent the tables to waiters, feeling that waiters relying solely on ‘tips’ would work really hard. The diners were impressed with the service and were generous. Out of those tips, the waiters paid their table rental. The service got better and better. The customers, the owners, the waiters and the suppliers were happy. And, as the business grew, the whole area benefitted. In the restaurant’s accounts, waiters appeared as an ‘income’ item and not a ‘cost’. A friend of mine also built a successful business using a simple formula: he delivered his product ahead of the promised time, paid his suppliers ahead of the agreed time, paid his staff well and gave them generous leave.

When you help someone, you often have a friend for life. When you encourage someone and see them grow and develop, you get great satisfaction. Be there for people when you can. You will not regret it. There are many who need help and encouragement. 24 Listen You can learn so much by listening, yet very few people are good listeners. You will learn nothing by talking, yet many people talk a lot. Why do they talk so much? Is it a need to feel important? Is it a lack of interest in what others have to say?

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