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The calculations will undoubtedly be seen as a bit peculiar; I have no idea who first originated this approach or why. , 10 + 9 + 8 + . . + 2 + 1 = 55). 1 Spreadsheet Software Again, software includes a built-in function for sum-of-the-years’-digits (SYD) method. Following is the function that returns the $18,000 annual depreciation value for Year 3. , if a ten-year asset is acquired on July 1, 20X1, depreciation for 20X1 is the depreciable base times 10/55 times 6/12 (relating to six months of use); depreciation for 20X2 is the depreciable base times 10/55 times 6/12 (reflecting the last six months of the first layer), plus the depreciable base times 9/55 times 6/12 (reflecting the first six months of the next layer)).

Accounting for Asset Exchanges You may have bought a new car and part of what you gave to obtain the new car was a “trade in” of a different car. This would be a classic “exchange” transaction. , an old copy machine for a new one). Sometimes land is exchanged. Exchanges are often motivated by tax rules because neither company may be required to recognize a taxable event on the exchange; quite different than the tax outcome of an outright sale. Whatever the motivation behind the transaction, the accountant is again pressed to measure and report the event.

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