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By H. Logeman Ph. D., Hon. L. L. D. (Glasg.) (auth.)

A statement on Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.- Textual feedback on Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.- Preface.- Textual Criticism.- Addenda and Corrigenda.- Abbreviations and Bibliography.

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To 1. 255. But as Ibsen has more than once told us (d. e. g. Breve, II, 82) that a poet cannot write about what he has not himself "gone through" (gfennemlevet if not necessarily oplevet) , the student may here be reminded of Ibsen's immense confidence in his own life's mission; his letter to King Charles will be in everybody's thoughts, d. Breve I, p. 84. In this connection the abstract of a conversation which his friend Vilhelm Bergsoe had with him at Ischia may be welcome: "I won't go back to Norway before Norway calls me back", the poet had said and Bergsoe adds: "On the whole Ibsen was not without a great deal of self-consciousness and he often asserted that he did not work for time but for eternity, and when I answered that no poet could reach so far, that even the greatest genius would be forgotten after thousands of years were gone, he got into a rage and said: Get along with your metaphysics!

4I6 and 48I. Ubeist will be found in Asbj~msen's Norske Folkeeventyr (ed. 'I4, p. I88): For et ubeist du er, Peik! sa kongen. Compare on the particle U-, the note to 1. IlOO. , Ibsen uses siInilady udoo (fo. I, 6, vOl. nu er Evjen rukken. now we've reached the shallows. For Evjen, still part of a river (not necessarily s h a 11ow), U. had: Bredden. Brons (mis)translates: 't word al vloter, - nog eyn ruk; where somehow rukken = reached has reminded him of Low-German ruk = a jerk, a wrench - "one more effort" and we're there.

I. S. p. 191. lhe same meaning apparently in 1. 1748: Den Farten, den gjftlr mig saa laak og trret. Laak = miserable, shabby; but here it I, 23; 3, 27; F, 288; M, 178; 14, 25; J, 184; 16, 25· must be = weak of character; han er et laak: he is no better than he should be (Brynildsen), would contain an unmerited insinuation about Aase's honour that might well render Peer furious of course, but would not in any way explain why the boy should have become a good-fornothing (drog). paa en Lime; on a broomstick.

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