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Sacy, p. 37. Gesenius, verbo nn. 16 Akerblad, Letter to M. De EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS. 81 and French versions of HorapoUo but the Greek author was far from having so burlesque and inexplicable a thought he simply made use of a Latin expression, not understood by his translators; oroftaxov, in Philippe's The Jinger, says translation, means, as in Latin, anger. ; ; man; it is the Jinger o/' God in think that the use of this sign is frequently found in the liitM"oglyj)liic texts; but I have not sufficient space to elaborate my opinion" (Lenormant, he, indicates the anger of the scriptures.

3). , otsm, v^^ord n-bo also indicates security which designates a bone -dud firmness, solidity. I again call the attention of the rouder. who is liut sliglitly acquainted with the Jlebrew hui^'-uage, to tlie fact, tliat J entirely neglect ' 'I'his principle, whieh the vowel-points. iijiply 1o the Hebrew i)ecause there are no vowel-points in Egyptian, is followed by Hebraists in interit was thus preting significant names that of the quail is in point named, say the (Commentators, liecause it lives in security lu the midst 1 ; ; of the harviMt (llol)ertson, Tfiesaurus Linf^iicc Saiida).

May, there can be no doubt as to the root, saice it 333, to pierce, to open, which forms the words n'2i in size Hebrew 383) be that as it comes from the verb to prophecy, smd a33 ; to contemplate. ^ lit, to I'i^fit, and nan or nn33 an opening, a door, of 323 open (Gesenius verbo 323). to pierce, EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS. 41 of his head, his flaming eyes, his face surrounded with a radiating mane like tlie sun, and that it is on this account that lions are placed under the throne of Horus, to show the symbolical relations between this animal and divinity.

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