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Most architectural theorists today are prepared to accept that the discipline is male dominated. But the solution to this problem is not simply to bring in more women architects (although this may be a start), but rather to rethink the very terms of the discipline in light of its foreclosure of the question of sexual difference—that is, to see the discipline as phallocentric in its structure. Architecture, however, is more open to conceptions of embodiment than many other disciplines, which is perhaps why it has actively sought to open itself to deconstructive and nomadic interventions encouraged by the work of Derrida, Foucault, and others.

If cybertechnology is able to gain a grip on bodies and their desires, it is because the virtual or the cyber is also Embodying Space ing them. The very notion of choice is bound up with your identity. I think this is the fantasy that is behind certain queer politics—the idea that you can choose your sexual identity. I suspect it stems from a misreading of Judith Butler’s work on performativity: that you can just perform what you want to be. The problem is that if you choose to perform a certain sexual identity, then you have not changed at all by undertaking that identity, you’re just acting out.

The fact that cyberspace is primarily visual is not a particular problem in itself. We were all already completely visually immersed, even before the advent of cyberspace. Cyberspace has become embodied in the screen not accidentally or contingently but because of the visualized nature of our culture and its prevailing pleasures. The technology predicated on an economy of watching has been pervasive for at least a century. In our culture television has captured our imagination through the eye. The fact that computer technology has become embodied in a screen-type technology, rather than as some other form, is an interesting historical question, but it isn’t really simply about a momentary technological privileging of the visual.

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