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By Sarah Horton, Whitney Quesenbery, Aaron Gustafson

When you are in control of the person event, improvement, or technique for a website, an online for everybody may also help you're making your website available with out sacrificing layout or innovation. Rooted in common layout rules, this ebook offers strategies: sensible suggestion and examples of ways to create websites that everybody can use.

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I chose to make the Golden Rule central to my work. As schmaltzy and self-aggrandizing as all that may sound, it舗s also pretty shrewd. The Golden Rule can do wonders for your business. After all, what is good customer service if not treating someone like a human being worthy of your time, consideration, and respect? If we spend every day looking for new ways to make our customers舗 lives better, we舗ll create a lasting legacy and build a strong base of customer advocates along the way. A commitment to universal accessibility is the highest form of customer service.

0舗s POUR principles provide the foundation for web accessibility guidelines and best practices. 舦 The Principles of Universal Design, seven principles for creating architectural spaces, industrial design, and digital products that work for the widest range of human abilities. 舦 Design thinking, an approach to solving any kind of design problem that emphasizes grounding the process in understanding the human needs, rather than starting from a technology. By combining the WCAG guidelines and POUR principles, universal design, and design thinking, and starting from the user experience, you can create websites and web applications that work for every-one舒including people with disabilities.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS I舗m not a designer (or I舗m not a developer), so why should I read this book? It舗s difficult to imagine a context in which one person could take a product, from soup to nuts, and make it accessible. There are so many decisions to be made, and accessibility must be considered at every step along the way. A designer or developer can舗t make accessibility happen alone. If the decisions you make as part of your work impact someone舗s experience of a digital product, you need to know how to make decisions that will not result in accessibility issues.

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