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18) where the real and imaginary parts of α0 and α1 are iid zero-mean Gaussian random variables. 15) suffers from sudden declines in the power. As we discussed before, this is due to the destructive addition of multipath signals in the propagation media. It can also be due to interference from other users. The amount of change in the received power can be sometimes more than 20 to 30 dB. The power of the thermal noise is usually not changing that much at the receiver. Therefore, the effective signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the receiver can go through deep fades and be dropped dramatically.

R Frequency Selective Fast Fading: When the bandwidth of the signal is larger than the coherence bandwidth of the channel and the signal duration is larger than the coherence time of the channel. r In a Rayleigh fading model, the input–output relationship between the baseband signals is rt = αst + ηt , 28 Introduction where α is a complex Gaussian random variable. In other words, the real and imaginary parts of the fade coefficient α are real zero-mean Gaussian random variables. The amplitude of the fade coefficient, |α|, is a Rayleigh random variable.

For the transmitter, we study two cases. r The transmitter does not know the realization of the channel; however, it knows the distribution of H. 11(a). r The transmitter knows the realization of the channel. 11(b). We use a quasi-static block fading model. Under such a model, the channel path gains are fixed during a large enough block such that information theoretical results are valid. The values of path gains change from block to block based on a statistical model, for example a Rayleigh fading channel model.

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