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By Moses Laufer;M.Egle Laufer

During this booklet, Moses and Egle Laufer contend that critically disturbed youth might be assessed and handled psychoanaytically, and that their affliction differs from similar disorder in older sufferers, and that the psychopathology has its conflicts over the sexually mature physique.

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In other words, the defense against the oedipal wish be­ comes precarious, and a break with external reality as well as a distortion of the image of their own sexual body may be the only means left for them to contain their incestuous wish. The compelling quality that is added to this fantasy after pu­ berty in some people could be explained as representing the failure to accommodate the change from the earlier phallic or castrated image of the body to that of male or female, mascu­ line or feminine.

Throughout her life, Susan had been considered brilliant and her mother had always insisted that Susan's mind be devel­ oped. To Susan, her mind made her much better than her younger brother. Yet, while she saw no advantage in being a man, to be a female was abhorrent and made her feel worth­ less. In early adolescence, she masturbated a great deal with the fantasy that either a man or another woman was making BODY IMAGE AND MASTURBATION 45 love to her through some kind of anal penetration. During masturbation she would feel wild, crazy, and wonderful—all at the same time.

Among the many intimacies and bodily routines between Alan and his mother in childhood, one seemed to be especially significant: the mother had regularly wiped Alan's anus after defecation. He insisted that she do this until there was no sign of feces on the paper. But suddenly, around the age of seven or eight, he refused to let anybody else perform this task and undertook it himself, sometimes spending ten minutes wiping himself and using as much as half a roll of paper. Various rec­ ollections of his latency indicate that this was the central theme of his primal-scene fantasy—that is, one partner does some­ thing to the other partner via the anus.

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