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By Louise DeSalvo

Louise DeSalvo dangers all, within the corporation of Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, Henry Miller, and Madam Recamier. by means of filtering the tale of her personal husband's affair via other's tales, she revels within the consistently fascinating myth and tells from the often painful fact of adultery. The conclusions she attracts, and the stability she reveals in her marriage and in others, make ADULTERY a enjoyable, poignant, and compassionate ebook.

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Well, no. I think it's important that their lives aren't destroyed, and that they survive, even flourish. " Would you like to talk to the woman I talked to in Iowa? Maybe it was the same woman that Waller talked to in writing The Bridges of Madison County. '' Well, it depends on what you call moral. " Yes, certainly. " Times, it seems, haven't changed. Then there is the retaliatory adultery story. As in Nora Ephron's Heartburn (which attacks her ex-husband). As in Flaubert's Madame Bovary (which attacks his lover Louise Colet, among others, as Colet's biographer Francine du Plessix Gray points out).

Imagine. Using the President of the United States to get over someone else. What chutzpah! ) And what was my husband reading before he started his affair? Why, the James Bond novels of Ian Fleming, of course. And how could his lifeworking every other night and every other weekend as an intern and living with a new baby and a depressed wife on very little moneycompare with that of James Bond? But if he couldn't be 007, he could, at least, fuck around like 007. Page 17 The cycle seems to go something like this.

Soon you begin to measure your own humdrum life against the passionate and dangerous life depicted in the novel. The clandestine meetings, the risky phone calls (with the partner in the next room). The fabulous sex (positions you haven't tried; acts you Page 18 haven't performed; places you haven't used for the act of fornication). The intimacy (eyes locking, fingers touching or brushing, tongues licking). And you find your life wanting. Suddenly, you find your partner boring, and her or his heretofore little endearing habits (the way he sucks his teeth, the way she twirls her hair) revolting.

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