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By Alexander I. Bobenko (eds.)

This is likely one of the first books on a newly rising box of discrete differential geometry and a very good method to entry this intriguing quarter. It surveys the interesting connections among discrete types in differential geometry and intricate research, integrable platforms and purposes in desktop graphics.

The authors take a better examine discrete types in differential

geometry and dynamical structures. Their curves are polygonal, surfaces

are made of triangles and quadrilaterals, and time is discrete.

Nevertheless, the adaptation among the corresponding tender curves,

surfaces and classical dynamical structures with non-stop time can hardly ever be obvious. this is often the paradigm of structure-preserving discretizations. present advances during this box are inspired to a wide volume via its relevance for special effects and mathematical physics. This booklet is written through experts operating jointly on a standard learn undertaking. it really is approximately differential geometry and dynamical structures, delicate and discrete theories, and on natural arithmetic and its useful functions. The interplay of those points is validated by means of concrete examples, together with discrete conformal mappings, discrete complicated research, discrete curvatures and distinct surfaces, discrete integrable structures, conformal texture mappings in special effects, and free-form architecture.

This richly illustrated ebook will persuade readers that this new department of arithmetic is either attractive and precious. it's going to attract graduate scholars and researchers in differential geometry, complicated research, mathematical physics, numerical tools, discrete geometry, in addition to special effects and geometry processing.

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Figures 16 and 17 show examples where we started with a hexagonal and a square torus respectively. √ Fig. 16 Mapping the hexagonal torus C/(Z + τ Z), τ = 21 + i 23 (left) to a double cover of the sphere (right). Because the regular triangulation of the torus on the left is symmetric with respect to the elliptic involution, its image projects to a triangulation of the sphere seen on the right Discrete Conformal Maps: Boundary Value Problems, Circle Domains . . 35 Fig. 17 Mapping the square torus C/(Z + i Z) (left) to a double cover of the sphere (right).

39(1–3), 133–158 (1995). KdV ’95 (Amsterdam, 1995) 34. : An algorithm for discrete constant mean curvature surfaces. , Polthier, K. ) Visualization and Mathematics, pp. 141–161. Springer-Verlag, Berlin (1997) 35. : The convergence of circle packings to the Riemann mapping. J. Differ. Geom. 26(2), 349–360 (1987) 36. : Geometry of Riemann surfaces based on closed geodesics. Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. ) 35(3), 193–214 (1998) 37. : Teichmüller space and fundamental domains of Fuchsian groups. Enseign. Math.

Then P is a convex polyhedron with n + 4 vertices and with faces inscribed in circles. (Generically, the faces will be triangles. In Sect. ) Find two disjoint simple edge paths γ1 , γ2 joining the branch points λ j in pairs. Take a second copy Pˆ of the polyhedron P. Cut and glue P and Pˆ along the paths γ1 , γ2 to obtain a polyhedral surface of genus 1. I. Bobenko et al. Fig. 15 Discrete uniformization of elliptic curves. Left If the branch points in S 2 are the vertices of a regular tetrahedron, period lattice is very close to a hexagonal lattice.

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