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By Maria Mach-Król, Celina M. Olszak, Tomasz Pelech-Pilichowski

This contributed quantity is end result of the discussions held at ABICT’13(4th overseas Workshop on Advances in company ICT) in Krakow, September 8-11, 2013. The booklet specializes in Advances in enterprise ICT approached from a multidisciplinary point of view and demonstrates diversified principles and instruments for constructing and helping organizational creativity, in addition to advances in selection aid systems.This ebook is a fascinating source for researchers, analysts and IT execs together with software program designers. The e-book includes 11 chapters offering study effects on company analytics in association, company methods modeling, issues of processing titanic information, nonlinear time buildings and nonlinear time ontology program, simulation profiling, sign processing (including switch detection problems), textual content processing and hazard analysis.

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As long as the delays are set to zero, no difference between serial and parallel passing should be recognizable. • Random Number Generation: A large number of random values is generated using different distributions. The model uses a constant function as a reference to measure relative performance of the built-in pseudo-random-number generators. Each test model is simulated with a set of simulation parameters using different system design tools. Currently more than 80 tools listed for DES [20].

141–150 (2012) 12. : Using parameter optimization to calibrate a model of user interaction. In: 2014 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS). IEEE (2014) 13. , Baumann, T. Simulating the German toll system: Choosing “good enough” driving patterns. TUM 2013 - International Conference on Mobility and Transport (2013) 14. Bundesamt für Güterverkehr. Mautstatistik Jahrestabellen 2011, Bonn, Feb. 2012. http://www. _blob= publicationFile. Accessed 10 Mar 2012 15. : Achieving excellence in GNSS based tolling using the example of the German HGV tolling system.

Of course, it depends strongly on the domain of discussion: the more controversial discussions, the more intensive but generally shorter. Based on blogs, posts and comments, we can build a network where nodes are bloggers or posts and there is an edge between two nodes if one user writes the comment to the other user. Such network can be analysed by Social Network Analysis (SNA) methods [8]. The SNA approach provides measures (SNA centrality measures) which make it possible to determine the most important or influential nodes (bloggers) in the network.

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