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Indeed, some of us have already been refused academic jobs or fired from them because of our detennined efforts to forge a psychology, which validates the experience of Black people. If American history is any kind of accurate reflector of what is held in store for us, we should perhaps consider ourselves fortunate that we are not killed or imprisoned for our work- so bitter is white resistance to independent Black thinking. 25 Akbar Papel~' ill Aji'ican Psychology Despite expected obstacles (from both whites and Blacks), we are assured of final success.

The physical situation in which Africans - particularly in the Americas - find themselves involves the domination and imposition ofa fundamental European system of "reality" on an African people. This situation naturally causes confusion because it denies the most compelling property of the African conception of self. It is this situation, which has produced the entity referred to as the "Negro" a concept referring to the African person who attempts to (or is forced to) deny the philosophical basis of his Africanity, even though he cannot negate the recognizable properties (physiological facts) of it.

The problem continued to be one, which assumed the universality ofthat divinity which, as viewed retrospectively, too frequently permitted a passive adaptation to an alien way of life. The alien (Euro-American) way of life assumed man to be first and foremost a material being in search of physical gratifications. ). The exploitation of people and resources is considered of little consequence, inasmuch as the core of it all is believed to be dispensable material. One can thus readily perceive the incompatibility ofthe victim assuming that even his exploitation is of a spiritual quality with the oppressor viewing the spiritual as material.

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