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By David Dai-Wai Bao

In Riemannian geometry, measurements are made with either yardsticks and protractors. those instruments are represented via a kinfolk of inner-products. In Riemann-Finsler geometry (or Finsler geometry for short), one is in precept outfitted with just a relations of Minkowski norms. So yardsticks are assigned yet protractors should not. With this type of constrained software package, it really is common to ask yourself simply how a lot geometry you can actually discover and describe? It now appears to be like that there's a average resolution. Finsler geometry contains a reliable repertoire of pressure and comparability theorems, such a lot of them based upon a fruitful analogue of the sectional curvature. there's additionally a bewildering array of specific examples, illustrating many phenomena which admit in simple terms Finslerian interpretations. This ebook specializes in the user-friendly yet crucial goods between those effects. a lot concept has long gone into making the account a teachable one. David Bao is Professor of arithmetic and of the Honors collage, on the collage of Houston. He bought his Ph. D. from the collage of California at Berkeley in 1983, with Jerry Marsden as his consultant. prior to coming to Houston, he did years of post-doctoral experiences on the Institute for complex learn in Princeton, New Jersey. along with differential geometry, he's passionately involved in the methods cats and goldfish imagine. Shiing-Shen Chern is Professor Emeritus of arithmetic on the college of California at Berkeley, and Director Emeritus of the Mathematical Sciences examine Institute. he's additionally amazing traveling Professor Emeritus on the collage of Houston. Chern acquired his D. Sc. in 1936, as a pupil of W. Blaschke. He conducted his post-doctoral reviews lower than E. Cartan. Chern has garnered a number of differences up to now. those contain the Chauvenet Prize (1970), nationwide Medal of technological know-how (1975), the Humboldt Award (1982), the Steele Prize (1983), and the Wolf beginning Prize (1983-84). Zhongmin Shen is affiliate Professor of arithmetic at Indiana collage Purdue college Indianapolis (IUPUI). He earned his Ph. D. from the nation college of latest York at Stony Brook in 1990 lower than Detlef Gromoll. He spent 1990-91 on the Mathematical Sciences learn Institute at Berkeley, and 1991-93 as a Hildebrandt Assistant Professor on the college of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

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Below we introduce covariant derivation for tensor fields. However, this requires an additional structure on the underlying smooth manifold. It may seem that one can define a derivative of a tensor field ai1 ... e. by .. {).. . • J. • J. need 1·.. •• I 1·.. I 0 SECTION 12. EXTERIOR DIFFERENTIAL FORMS ON MANIFOLDS 29 not be a tensor. As we will see, this difficulty disappears as we confine ourselves to the skew-symmetric tensors. 2. Remark. Any covariant tensor ai1 ... i. determines a multilinear form a by the rule a( 6, ...

Zn') be two charts in a smooth manifold Mn. At any point z E Mn, the Jacobian 8(z')8(Z1', ... , zn') 8( z) = 8( z1, ... , zn) = 8z 1' 8zn' n 8z 8z n Jl( l' n') is defined. As we already know, V8~ 1 ' " ' ' Z n) ::f. O. If the Jacobian is positive, z , ... ,z the two charts have the same orientation, or agree at Zj if the Jacobian is negative, then the two charts have opposite orientations. I. 7. Remark. The relation of agreement at a point is transitive. Indeed, suppose (UjX 1, ... ,x n ), (Vjy1, ...

Thus, the result of skewing a partial skewing of a tensor coincides with the result of skewing the original tensor. 17. Corollary. For any tensor ai, ... , a[[i, ... idil+, ... ] = a[i, ... ]' In particular, a[[i, ... 1I = a[i, ... 1B. Definition. Let a~qk be a tensor. Mark an upper and a lower positions of indices, say, the third upper and the first lower. Define the contmction of the tensor by a~ = a:1:: n = 'E <>=1 a:1::. Clearly, this definition can be rewritten for tensors of arbitrary type (k,m) with k, m index).

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